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George Shen

Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, President (WORLDWIDE)

George Shen

Worldwide Management and Operations targeting health therapy and natural supplements industry - Making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors, management team, corporate officers and corporate operations, product development operation.

Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing products of health therapy and supplements. Overseeing implementation of the marketing strategy, including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and public relations worldwide. Developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans. Successful execution of these strategies is required to achieve financial targets hitting annual targets, building relationships and understanding customer trends worldwide.

George Shen, a professional genius entrepreneur who has developed scientific research for more than 20 years. In 1997, he was a registered technology company's legal representative during the twenty years, leading the R & D team who received more than 50 patents which get the maximum return of the patent for use of mosquito lamplight. Using this principle of the mosquito repellent light to scare mosquitoes, the mosquitoes are afraid of such ray from this device. Such Patents have generated great benefits to people due to mosquitoes carrying and spreading diseases, particularly AIDS and Dengue fever. Ever since George Shen settled in the United States, he has been working with the U.S. R & D team to actively promote the bio-therapeutic mattress, cell optimizer, Asea redox signaling supplement water, and BEMER pulse electromagnetic frequency therapeutic mat quantum chips, which utilizes the electromagnetic frequency from the air to generate energy helping humans to vitalize their immunity leading to self-healing efficacy prolonging human lives with such astonishing technology which has never been invented by any scientific source. He is developing huge projects in petroleum refinery energy efficiency, tortilla manufacturing production plant, international holistic medicine platform and network, Health4U with total health fitness and therapies, scientific research and development of advanced breakthrough medical technology using both holistic and conventional medicine whichever is suitable for healing, and providing humans with vital health and longevity.

His passion is to help humans to live a healthy life without undergoing the risk and pain from conventional medicine, it is holistic natural healing. His involvement in the U.S. is to focus on research and development of health industry. He welcomes people to join the joint development of human health and therapy for stem cell, diabetes, cancer, stroke, pain, depression, Alzheimer, autism, beauty, anti-aging and longevity for all ages.

George Shen Chinese

Annie Jones

CEO, President, Director


Annie Jones

U.S. Management and Operations - Making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors, management team, corporate officers and corporate operations in the U.S. Is responsible for providing strategic leadership for by working with the Board and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. Plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the organization's fiscal function and performance. Annie Jones’s executive experience dates back to Vietnam in 1967 where she was employed at the U.S. Embassy in an entry level secretarial position with shorthand ability. She rose through the ranks to Captain with a top secret clearance. She was an office manager, personnel manager, then an administrator on a consulting team to the Vietnamese Navy Admiral. Then she became a Manpower Auditor overseeing and auditing 50,000 employees, adding and eliminating job positions. She was General Manager of a New Jersey instant camera manufacturing factory in Taiwan with 300+ employees under her supervision. 

In 1975, she was evacuated to the U.S.A. and obtained her degree in business management and computer science. She worked at Met Life Insurance Company as an insurance agent with multi-line and variable insurance license since 1982, was awarded as outstanding agent, and a million dollar roundtable qualifier. She attended and completed numerous professional insurance courses with certifications in LUTC, CLU AND CPCU. She obtained an insurance brokerage license and became self-employed in 1984, operating an insurance brokerage firm with agency automation, and hiring 16 employees in Southern California for 27 years. She was on TV/Radio talk shows to dramatically increase her business penetration to the Chinese community. She started her online auction for 12 years, she self-taught herself computer skills and invented her paperless data management systems decades ago (even before DMV using a similar system). She has operational proficiency with all the major business programs, including building her own websites, video editing, creating professional power point for business presentations, and she is involved with internet marketing and social networking. She speaks, reads, and writes English at a professional level. She is speaking, writing and reading proficient in Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Chaochounese, Fukianese, and Taiwanese), Vietnamese (all dialects), French, and recently learning Spanish.

Annie had been working on a few big projects globally, particularly with China in L-Lysine animal feed grade manufacturing plant using French technology, fertilizer/Urea sales with Ukraine and China, importing Chinese silk garments into the United States, building international business platform to connect businesses globally.

Chinese Bio for Annie Jones

Cecilia Cheung

U.S. Secretary, Treasurer, Director

U.S. SecretaryTreasurerDirector

Cecilia Cheung

U.S. Operation - Ensuring the integrity of the governance framework, being responsible for the efficient administration of a company, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors. Is responsible for corporate liquidity, investments, and risk management related to the financial activities. Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and funds available for investment. Establishes coordination and business relations in the United States.

Cecilia Cheung has been educated and earned her education degree in the United States since almost 40 years ago, she is a licensed and certified professional entrepreneur involving in real estate investments, financial planning, and insurance. She’s been working together with a group of attorneys translating and interpreting legal documents and court appearance in English and Chinese. She’s been working with attorneys in translations and interpretations for court cases, particularly immigration. She can speak and write fluently in English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghai dialect.)

She has developed a new breakthrough FDA approved healthcare therapeutic program applying holistic therapy by using the Amethyst Far-Infrared and Tourmaline BioMat with the special effect of an ion, helping to vitalize human immunity, increase blood circulation and detoxification to reverse pain and discomfort – defective health derives from energy deficiency and toxicity in the human body. This program has connected to different healthcare and beauty facilities using this technology to help revitalize their customers’ health effectively. She is working on a U.S. FDA highest standard pharmaceutical product that optimizes intravascular cell energy, restore body cell regeneration. This will be the future health and disease prevention era which helps businesses to thrive in the high demand from the vast population internationally.

Cecilia Cheung

David Goddard

Financial and Banking Expert

David Goddard

Mr. Goddard’s executive experience includes being a Partner at Macluan Capital Ltd., the oldest private equity firm in Canada. He was also an Executive Director at Nordic Management Ltd, a London based Consulting group, and served as a Director at MB&A Capital, an Investment and Advisory Firm based in Los Angeles.

His experience in Merchant Banking, Private Equity, Capital Markets and Investment Banking spans three decades. He has risen in excess of $7 billion for his clients across various market sectors including Energy, Technology, Project Finance, Communications, Entertainment and Life Sciences. Mr. Goddard’s Investment Banking experience includes being a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns & Co. where he ran the Global Private Equity Capital Markets. Mr. Goddard was a Managing Director at BankBoston Robertson Stephens and a Managing Director at Chase Securities; in both firms he specialized in Private Equity and Debt placements. He began his Investment Banking career at Bank of America Securities in Corporate Finance.

Mr. Goddard earned his MBA from New York University and his BA from St. Lawrence University.

David Goddard - Mandarin Translation

Diana Chu

Youn Ki Kho

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Director: U.S. Operations

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Director: U.S. Operations

Youn Ki Kho

Mr. Youn Ki Kho handles researching, inventing, developing, and leading technology and engineering of advanced technology products. He's responsible for securing patent and trademark registration to be legal and current. All inventions belong to Amer-Asia Commerce Group, Inc. for current and future market and product development. He provides and maintains product technical data for proper registration and records.

Mr. Youn Ki Kho – Dr. Nionz, Inc. CEO / Innovator and inventor, experienced in plastic injection molding for over 30 years in the manufacturing business since 1988. He's constantly developing and engineering unique and innovative products that are a great solution and improves people’s lives. He has a great reputation as a mechanical engineer in solving any challenges or engineering barriers and always finding a breakthrough solution that is hard to solve. One of his first inventions started from building an automatic paint roller machine for a large paint roller company 25 years ago. Based on all his engineering and mechanic background he has built and created unique consumer products such as children basket shelves, shiatsu massage mat, doorknob grips, portable footrest, office solution multipurpose products, negative ion steering wheel cover and negative ion product lines, Golf tiles, stackable organizers and much more to come. He has been always dedicated and committed with passion to better serve and provide products that enhance our lives in any way possible. His favorite quote is “Never Ever Give Up”.

Chinese Translation

Dr. David Steenblock

Stem Cell MD

David Steenblock

When you come in to see Dr. Steenblock he will review your medical history and if indicated, do a physical exam and carry out or order any additional tests that will help identify things about you and your medical issues that can be used to create your personalized healthcare plan.

If Dr. Steenblock determines you would benefit from stem cell therapy, he may ask you to spend some time doing outpatient therapies and treatments that remove hindrances to stem cell activity (such as EDTA chelation therapy to remove toxic heavy metals), revitalize the stem cells in your bone marrow, and prepare your body to receive and nurture these revitalized cells.

As part of this he may have you take supplements, do hyperbaric oxygen therapy, periodic acceleration therapy, pulsed magnetic field therapy, hyperthermia, external counterpulsation or have special detox and “bad bugs & biofilm eradicating” Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy (HOCATT) sessions.

Among the many health challenges Dr. Steenblock has created effective, personalized treatment programs for:

  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • COPD (Emphysema, Bronchitis, Asthma)
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Chinese Translation

Dr. Daniel F. Farrier, M.D.

Dr. Daniel F. Farrier, M.D., is an Integrative Medicine physician in Southern California specializing in
multiple treatment modalities for acute and complex diseases of the adult, including strokes,
neurodegenerative debility and pain syndromes.

He is the director of Clinical Integration as an associate physician to David A. Steenblock, D.O., in San
Clemente, CA. Dr. Farrier graduated from the Univ. of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, in 1991, trained
four years in internal and emergency medicine, and has practiced integrative medicine for 24 years.

Simply typing it from this page is not authorized.

Dr. Farrier has practiced in varied venues of care––as a staff physician for 14 years in the largest
integrative multi-modality medical clinic in the USA with Julian Whitaker, MD, (Newport Beach, CA);
three years solo specializing in integrative electrotherapy (Electro-Equiscope; pain, energy & healing);
and three years with Dr. Steenblock clinically applying and managing best-quality bone marrow and
umbilical stem cell therapies individualized for best outcomes and better lives.

Prior to pursuing medicine, Dr. Farrier was an electronics engineer for nearly a decade in the aerospace
industry in Southern California. His interests have included education as core faculty and Chair of
clinical medical education from 1996-2002 in Wash. DC, at the fully diverse integrative medicine
academic program, the former Capital Univ. of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Farrier believes that
communication with patients is paramount to establish clarity and confidence in all therapies offered.


Dr. Daniel F. Farrier, M.D. Chinese Bio

Dr. Marc Rose

Marc Rose

Dr. Marc Rose, M.D, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School primary care medicine, surgery, pediatrics: Deaconess Hospital Spokane Washington, and St. Joseph's hospital in Wisconsin.

  • Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico
  • University of Liberia, Liberia, West Africa, Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Botany
  • Graduated from Aquinas College, Grand Rapids Michigan, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Marquette University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Master’s Degree program in Physiology.

Professional Goals: To practice excellent medicine and to participate in the next breakthrough in human longevity, using new knowledge when applicable to solve the apparent roadblocks in scientific understanding. My ultimate goal is to provide patients with tools for better health across all spectra of society in both the developed and developing world.

Current Medical Practice Information: Private Internal medicine practice, Obesity and Nutritional medicine, sexual dysfunction and Brain Health. Multispecialty Clinic physician in Venice. Consultant for Orthopedic medical group of Ontario. Consultant for Mobil Health solutions Medical group.

Postgraduate training: Residency: Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai medical center, University of Wisconsin Medical School.

Societies: Associate member of ACP, Member of International Medical Graduates' Member of ACOM, member of International Hormone Society, Member of A4M

Medical Specialty: Board certification pending for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy course completed.

Employment: National Alternatives International Director of Quality Control, spokesperson for the company and direct marketing companies nationally and internationally. Medical review officer Greystone Health Sciences. Primary treating physician Neurology associates.

Experience: Mentored by John Meyer, M.D. on the use of iodine for the treatment of fibrocystic breast disease and the preparation and uses of ionic minerals. Received Board Certification of the first 100 physicians to be board certification IV chelation therapy. Pioneer in the treatment of candida albicans, thyroid dysfunction and fibromyalgia. Worked with Pat Connolly of the Price Pottinger Nutrition Foundation as a consultant. Founding member of American General laser society, using the Co2 laser.

Speaker: Past speaker for direct marketing companies nationally and internationally.
Speaker on "Transcultural healing techniques" Presenter on the effects of Juice plus.

Dr. Marc Rose Chinese Translation

Dr. Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH, Founder, Professor, Perinatal Health Specialist

Dr. Roy Dittmann

Embrace a revolutionary organic approach to having an extraordinary child!

Authoring the revolutionary, organic approach to having an extraordinary child.

Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH has dedicated his professional life to evolving an integral organic approach to prevent birth defects and optimize fetal brain development during the perinatal period – the most powerful time to impact human development.

Dr. Dittmann’s interest in perinatal health began early in life. As a 10 year old, he saw up-close the devastating effects of pesticides on the children of exposed migrant farm workers in California’s central valley. This experience so impressed him that he committed his life to finding solutions for preventing birth defects.

He had the unique opportunity to study with several modern day native and indigenous cultures, where he uncovered a common maternal lineage, which included herbal, probiotic, dietary, and lifestyle wisdom absent from our post-modern culture. He found that the women and men in these cultures did not have the same reproductive conditions seen in the Western World.

Aspiring to integrate the perinatal wisdom in these cultures with modern trends in reproductive medicine and perinatal research, Dr. Dittmann developed The Brighton Method to provide couples with practical solutions for realizing their goal of having an extraordinary child. In addition, he consulted with the Chinese and Romanian Ministers of Health, as well as Ukrainian Health Ministry officials on the creation of their perinatal programs.

Since earning his doctorate in Oriental Medicine and his masters in Herbology, Dr. Dittmann served as Official Team Doctor in the Olympics, and was featured in a “Doctor to the Stars” article in Vogue magazine in 1997.

Starting in the late 1990s, he founded two biotech companies, which licensed technologies from the University of Illinois and University of Texas, capable of delivering stable, non-refrigerated, non-injectable drugs to prevent AIDS and other infectious diseases in remote villages. The research was featured at the United Nation’s World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.

Dr. Dittmann is the father of four, including a son diagnosed at the age of five with Asperger's Syndrome and Sensory Integration Disorder (now referred to as an Autism Spectral Disorder or ASD). Dr. Dittmann oversaw his son’s health and succeeded in resolving his son’s condition within six years.

As early as the late-1980s, Dr. Dittmann forewarned health professionals and the public that our existing diet and lifestyle trends would lead to an exponential rise in autism, ADD, birth defects, and infertility. His Brighton Baby book series is designed to coach couples on how to reverse these trends and conceive, birth, and raise extraordinary children...organically.

Find out more about Dr. Dittmann and Brighton Baby in Brighton Baby Book One: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception.

Dr. Roy Dittmann, Doctor in Oriental Medicine and Master in Herbology

The Brighton Method is based on my own 30 years of experience in perinatal health. My concern for perinatal health began when I was a child (more about that in the first chapter). After completing my doctorate in Oriental Medicine, I completed post-doctoral certifications and internships in specialty areas such as women’s reproductive health, prostate health, myopractry (Osteopathic manipulation), prenatal yoga, pediatrics (Sho Ni Shin), natural fertility, parasitology, and prenatal massage and manipulation (Tui Na and Cheng Gua).

Later, I had opportunities to collaborate with perinatal specialists from many countries, cultures and medical traditions, who shared my concern for the health, vitality, and evolution of future generations. The Brighton Method is also informed and proven by my observation and holistic treatment of hundreds of preconception couples, and pregnant mothers and their babies. After all, it isn’t as much the things you know that will cause you problems – it’s all the things you don’t know. I like to refer to those things we don’t know as “blind spots”.

Dr. Roy Dittmann

Dr. Aboo Nasar


Dr. Aboo Nasar

Dr. Aboo Nasar is a Fellowship trained Geriatrician and Internal Medicine physician practicing in San Diego County over 12 years, and has been practicing over 22 years in total. He started a  multi-specialty group in Dallas, Texas and moved to San Diego, California to pursue a Fellowship in Geriatrics in 2005. He has additional board Certifications in Holistic and Anti-Aging Functional  Regenerative Medicine through American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Nasar's ultimate passion in Holistic and Integrative Medicine has been the driver behind the Anti-aging Regenerative Clinics. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging  and Functional Regenerative Medicine and special Fellowship Training focus on Stem cells. He has nurtured great interest in Brain Health and memory and setting up protocols to optimize  Brain Health. He has mastered the art and technique of improving his clients' health and motivating them to put diet and lifestyle practices above pharmacotherapy. He is a prolific
speaker and has delivered lectures in Integrative Holistic Medicine in National and International Health forums. He was the Inauguration speaker in an International Conference in Casablanca,  Morocco. Also interviewed at local TV Channels. Recently he has been featured in the Cover story on Masters of Health Magazine, October 2017 edition.  Dr. Nasar has served on Hospital Boards, ACO, and also served as Medical Director at multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Hospice Palliative Care Services. He has been quite  instrumental in changing the landscape of Long Term Care in San Diego County in addition to actively managing his own practice. In addition, he oversees Senior Medical Associates, a group  of 35+ Health Care Providers covering the entire San Diego County offering multitude of services
in Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Psychiatry and Regular Psychiatry and Wound-care  Services. Dr. Nasar's background in health care and particularly Long Term Care as a professional and a business leader, has opened his mind and broadened his vision and medical direction of  healthcare entities, particularly Senior Living facilities. Dr. Nasar was co-founder and Past President of Greater San Diego Bangladesh Association and  Past Scientific Social Secretary of BMANA and past President of Bangladesh Medical Association BMANA CA Chapter.

Nasar Chinese

Shashita Inumder

MD, PhD, DABPN, Medical Director

Shashita Inamdar

Pediatric and Adult Neuro-Psychiatrist
Medical Director: Achieve Concierge, Achieve TMS, Center for Discovery
Dr. Inumder is a licensed physician in California and Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for Child and Adult Psychiatry with over 20 years of extensive experience, particular autism.

She is the Medical Director at Achieve Concierge and Achieve TMS Center, an interdisciplinary, premier neuropsychiatric and wellness practice in San Diego.
Dr. Inumder is also the Medical Director at the Center for Discovery, a residential eating disorder program in La Jolla. Center for Discovery has centers for eating disorders, mental health, and addiction  disorders in 11 states around US. She serves as a member of the Clinical Faculty at USD Hahn School of Nursing and Health Sciences and is an Adjunct Clinical Faculty Member at Lake Erie College of
Osteopathic Medicine.

She specializes in treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD and Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussions.

Dr. Inumder employs a comprehensive, collaborative approach using a combination of diagnostic and treatment options which include:
- ComprehensiveClinicalEvaluation
- Collaboration with schools and treating clinicians
- Neuropsychological testing
- MicroNutrient testing
- PharmacoGenetic Testing and Personalized Medication Management
- CBT and family therapy

She has also brought cutting-edge, technologically advanced, neuromodulation treatment approaches giving clients and families a variety of treatment options to fit their individual needs.  The Neuromodulation treatment options include;
- Neurofeedback
- Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) - a noninvasive, FDA approved (in US) and CE
- Approved (in Europe) for depression, anxiety, autism, PTSD, stroke, addiction
- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
NeuroNavigation guided TMS - most advanced TMS technology to manage Autism, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury /Concussions

Shashita Inumder Bio

Dr. Naina Sachdev

Holistic Natural Healing

Dr. Naina Sachdev

Holistic natural healing: Dr. Naina Sachdev has launched the NAINAMD™ Beverly Hills brand and she currently has a practice that focuses on Aesthetic, Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. As an Anti-Aging expert, she serves as Medical Director at NAINAMD™ AntiAging & Regenerative Clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Her international clientele base includes patients from Bangkok, Dubai, Mumbai to Beverly Hills. Dr. Naina Sachdev of NAINAMD™ is Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine and fellowship in Functional, Aesthetic and Stem Cell Medicine by the A4M Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. NAINAMD™ is a renowned national and international speaker on various topics of her integrative specialty, particularly in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics and detoxification.

For the past 15 years, NAINAMD™ has focused on blending conventional medicine,
nutrigenomics, biochemical, and aesthetic disciplines to create customized regimens for her patients. These unique programs can deliver better health, an improved appearance from the inside out leading to an enhanced lifestyle, often dramatically transforming patients’ lives.

Dr. Naina Sachdev - Chinese Translation

Dr. Harish S. Hosalkar


Dr. Harish S. Hosalkar, MD, FACS, FAAOS

Diplomate, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Pediatric & Adult Orthopedic Surgeon
Joint Preservation and Reconstruction Specialist
Limb Reconstruction and Deformity Correction Specialist
Specialized in Neuromuscular Problems and Spasticity, Tumors and Children's

Hospital Affiliations:
Tri-city Medical Center, Oceanside
Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego
Scripps Hospital, Encinitas
Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista
Sharp Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa
Paradise Valley Hospital, National City

Scientific curing technology for preservation & injury: Dr. Harish Hosalkar has
international medical licenses offering a level of expertise in the areas of open hip joint preservation and arthritis prevention surgery previously unavailable in this entire region. An accomplished surgeon, Dr. Hosalkar is also trained in traumatology and complex fracture care, hip and pelvis reconstruction, limb-lengthening and deformity correction, children’s orthopedic problems, tumor surgery, and neuromuscular orthopedic surgery, including management of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spasticity. With almost 23 years of experience, Dr. Hosalkar has frequently been lecturing and teaching medical students, residents, and practicing physicians in both the art and science of orthopedics and musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation. He has participated in administrative and leadership positions in health care at the regional, national, and international levels. Dr. Hosalkar is affiliated with multiple hospital systems in San Diego, including Scripps, Sharp, Paradise Valley Hospital, and Tri-City Medical Center. Dr. Hosalkar is assisting fellow humans with their musculoskeletal ailments and helping patients release chronic pain in decades within days by stem cell treatment.

Dr. Harish S. Hosalkar is recognized as one of San Diego’s most well-known and
successful orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Harish Hosalkar offers a level of expertise in the areas of open hip joint preservation and arthritis prevention surgery previously
unavailable in this entire region. An accomplished surgeon, Dr. Hosalkar is also trained in traumatology and complex fracture care, hip and pelvis reconstruction, limb lengthening and deformity correction, children’s orthopedic problems, tumor surgery, neuromuscular orthopedic surgery, and stem cell therapy, including management of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spasticity.

Dr. Harish S. Hosalkar - Chinese Translation

Dr. Jason Tseng

Jason Tseng


Jason Tseng, originally from Jiangxi Province, China. He was born in Nanjing in 1946. He has earned his Doctor of Medicine, Senior Scientist, Professor, Researcher, Electronics Engineer, International Award winner, and Health Care Expert. He makes outstanding contributions to improve quality of human life and promote human health.

Dr. Tseng is indifferent to fame and fortune, simple in food and clothing, low-key, knowledgeable, rich in content, loves unlimited, and masterly. In the history of human beings, Dr. Tseng the first time developed quantum medicine from pathological examinations and large-scale medical instruments to directly develop ultra-small slice-quantum chips that adult people can wear. It can promote blood circulation, activate cells, relieve pain, strengthen immunity, and has significant effects in soothing and improving various chronic diseases, and can achieve the goal of restoring health and longevity.

After more than ten years of researches and developments, the design of the quantum chip was finally completed, and eight patents from China and Taiwan and two applications for US invention patents were obtained. Quantum wafers are the only health products in the world that use high-tech microelectronics. Using the sky waves (radio frequency signals) around the Earth, the integrated circuit is activated, radio frequency is generated, then transmitted to the human body through the antenna, and effectively resonates with the natural bioelectricity generated by the human body. Through the procedure of resonance, as long as the quantum chip is placed close to the human body, body temperature can be raised, blood vessels can be softened, blood flow rate can be increased, blood supply to the heart can be sufficient, and brain can have enough blood and oxygen to achieve the effect of health care and health preservation. Meanwhile, he also researches, develops and produces phytonutrients with the Japanese-American medical experts, using 55 types of organic vegetables, root balls, fruits, cereals, and fruit nucleus are carefully prepared by the famous Japanese dietitians. After more than half a year, a total of three natural complete fermentation processes are performed, which increases the nutritional content by more than ten times. Made into liquid capsules, it becomes the perfect phytonutrient. Using quantum wafers and phytonutrients at the same time can reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and prolong human life.

More recent breakthroughs have solved the problem of human drinking water for thousands of years. The moisture in the blood accounts for 83%. It is important to understand that Dr. Tseng has developed a card of quantum water that can be carried around. The liquid near the container can be converted into alkaline micro-molecular water and detected by using oxygen 17 NMR. At 49.63 Hz, it is known that the world's smallest liquid molecular structure can disperse aggregated red blood cells, etc., and toxins are decomposed into fine particles and excreted. In addition, more than twenty additional products have been developed, including quantum glasses, quantum cups, quantum insole, Quantum underwear series (including bras, underwear, and shorts), belts, and women's accessories, which are both stylish and healthy. He has made major contributions in medicine. After years of efforts, together with partners, he has worked together to bring green health to human beings!

Major Achievements:

Dr. Tseng has achieved eight inventions, new international patents, and a number of scientific research results in improving the quality of human life, reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

* In 2013, together with the inventors of the Quantum Spectrum Detector (CQS) and Prof. Fang Dan Qun, combined with CQS and Quantum Chips, early diagnosis of heart disease can be achieved and timely treatment, that is, the first time It is of great significance for the patient to recover his health in time.

In 2014 collaboration with *Nanjing 454 Hospital: F.D.A American Food and Drug Administration document number NCTO133833, approved for the use of wafers for clinical trials of frozen shoulder, has now completed 20 cases with an effective rate of 80%. This project has been demonstrated by the hospital ethics committee.
* In 2014, collaborated with the Guangzhou Nanfang Hospital Cancer Institute to conduct clinical trials of animal tumors. Result: Quantum chips can inhibit and reduce tumor growth without adverse reactions.
* In 2015, he was awarded the Honorary Natural Medicine Doctor of Fudan University in Shanghai. He was the guest professor.
* In 2016, more than twenty quantum chip extension products were developed.
* In 2016, he was awarded the title of Senior Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist by the World Federation of Needle Health Association.
* 2016 won the China Institute of Management Science Research Institute for Green Economy National Project Organized Research Leader of the US R&D Team Special Researcher.
* In 2016, he won the Gold Medal of the United States, Germany, China, Korea, Kuwait International Invention Exhibition, special award of the conference and other awards.
* In 2016, he won the US International Invention Exhibition. The head of the Chinese delegation presented the Excellence Award.
* In 2016, he received the Congratulatory Message from the Taiwanese leader and deputy leader.
* In 2016, Zhu Lilun, the chairman of Taiwan’s former National Party, awarded the Invention Award.
* In 2017, we developed a quantum chip space experience cabin and a quantum chip graphene blanket.
* In 2017, he was awarded the Basic Life Support Basic Life Support Certificate by the National Resuscitation Foundation of the United States.
* In 2017, he won the United Nations Commission for Cultural Development and present the Peace Ambassador's certificate and seal.
* In 2017, he won the skull relic of Xuanzang, the world tour of scriptures, contact person of the American Buddhist group. * 1300 major events in Buddhism.
* In 2017, he won the Quantum Chip Lab of Shanghai Jiaotong University Director, Dr. Distinguished Professor.
* In 2017, he received a certificate of honor and commended Dr. Tseng for his achievements in quantum medicine from the Mayor of the City of Mayor of the United States.

* Future clinical application plan for 2018:

1. Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia), epilepsy: A quantum chip is implanted subcutaneously on the head, which can regulate cerebrovascular diseases such as Parkinson's disease. The advantages are passive, no maintenance, and the volume is very small. The need for subcutaneous implantation, the operation is simple, low cost, no risk, and with good effect.
2. Myocardial failure, dying, even brain death, heartbeat, and other patients: using quantum chips to activate cardiac and brain function and regenerate.
3. Teletherapy: Unlike today's methods, a quantum chip is used at one end, and patients at the other end of the distance do not need medical instruments or drugs. With a city phone or mobile phone, you can relieve pain and improve symptoms. At present, for critically ill patients such as cancer, because of the need for longer treatment, it is still necessary to strengthen the experiment and clinic. For the general pain patients, there have been preliminary results.
4. More clinical reports, publish papers in the global SCI system and major medical journals in China, strive for Nobel prize nominations, promote quantum chips, move toward millions of households, and benefit people.

  • Clinical report on periarthritis of the shoulder, approved by the US FDA NCTO 133833.
  • United Nations World Health Organization, International Acupuncture Association, designated emergency rescue equipment.
  • The United Nations rescue organization uses quantum chips as necessary equipment for first aid kits.
  • Chinese Scientists Forum VIP.
  • Nine Chinese top three medical clinical reports.
  • Obtained non-medical device record number.
  • Obtained the registration number of a medical device of the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Acquired a permit from the Food and Drug Administration's Class II medical device.
  • Application for the second type of medical device of the Food and Drug Administration.

Strong partner:

  • Shouhua Group *Listed in Hong Kong
  • First Crown Group * US listing
  • Li Xun Life Chip * Qianhai listing
  • American Coves Inc. * US OTC listed
  • China Shenglong Group. *Coming soon
  • Unlimited Love Holdings. *Coming soon
  • Shanghai can also core creatures.
  • China Life Sciences Group.
  • Northland Group.
  • The League of Nations and Investment.
  • In no particular order, not all logins.

Dr. Tseng Jingsheng has eight inventions, new patents, and eight other related product patent applications. Twelve international certifications. Eight Chinese three hospitals clinical reports. Supported by a number of well-known scientists, recognized by many UN organizations. Awards and the use of products as first aid essential supplies. Access to natural therapies "Health Products Gold Award". Was named "2015 Beijing Health Management Expo" best natural medical science and technology progress award. Access to CCTV CCTV network mall designated manufacturers.

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Dr. Rabi Alam, MD

Rabi Alam

Hospitalist, Health Care Partners (HCP)
White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Barlow Respiratory Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Senior Care Clinic, Los Angeles, CA
Kaiser Permanente, California

Graduate Medical Education and Experience:

Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Flushing, NY
Resident, Internal Medicine Program
St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Queens, NY
Internship: Chittagong Medical College, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Chittagong Medical College
Chittagong, Bangladesh


Internal Medicine Board Certified
Licensed Physician (California State)
Certificate of the Educational Commision for Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG)
License to Practice Medicine in Bangladesh

Abstract and Publication:

“Nephropathy in Critically ill patient without pre-existing Renal Disease”, published in PubMed 2005
“Contrast induced nephropathy without preexisting renal disease”, Flushing, NY 2004. Presented in Poster Competition in annual conference of American College
of Physicians, NY Chapter, Saratoga Spring, NY, Nov. 2004
“Fluctuation of serum glucose level on patient undergoing treatment with Gatifloxacin”, Flushing NY 2004. Published, American College of Physicians, NY Chapter, Saratoga Spring, NY, Nov. 2004


Member of American College of Physician (ACP).
Member of BMANA (Bangladesh Medical Association of North America)

Languages: Fluent in English, Bangla , Hindi and Urdu

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Monte Cook

Technical Consultant

Monte Cook

• As a young man, he traveled through all of the US States and thirty countries using his knowledge of the trades to earn capital.

• Electrical engineer for Bandag Corp - Muscatine Iowa, Silo builder - Des Moines Iowa, Maintenance Engineer - Schaltzalp Hotel in Switzerland, Remodeled homes and businesses all over,
• Formed LMC3 Productions, Inc. in 1980. Produced Ray Charles 50th B-day celebration at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, produced and directed various music videos, produced a 1984 Olympic video, consulted on films, TV, Multi-Media projects. Currently marketing companies and projects.

• Created the video department at Mammoth Mountain, Calif. Designed video programs, shot ski videos, filmed weather reports and managed department.
• Created GM Studios, Inc. a TV and Film Post Production facility, Managed 35 employees, oversaw the creation of Portuguese and Spanish translations for Canal Fox, 20th Century Fox’s Latin American broadcast channel, supplied video conversions and full post-production to the industry.

• VP Sales and Marketing for Legacy Entertainment Services, Inc. – From zero sales at its launch brought the company to the forefront of the product placement business in Hollywood by bringing such accounts as Ace Hardware, LG Electronics, Bentley, and many others.
• Created The Foundation For World Harmony – a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting charities worldwide through the online sales of product

• Created LMC3 Group International ( ) A worldwide commodity facilitation company.
• Wrote and published the Novel ‘Lester’s Legacy’ 
• Founded Supporting our Servicemen. Inc. in 2011, a nonprofit dedicated to helping and thanking our past and present Veterans. 
• Formed Affordable Homes 4U in 2015 – Exclusive manufacturer for custom container homes

Attended Canoga Park High School 1969-1972, Pierce College 1972- 1973, traveled extensively around the world 1973-1976.

Attended and graduated from the Van Nuys Aviation Academy with an SEL rating.

Mr. Cook has spent a lifetime as an entrepreneur, his worldwide travels and experiences in a multitude of trades make him the perfect candidate to bring many elements to a company: investors, engineers, inventors, astrophysicists, and marketing experts. His creativity and the unique ability to think ‘outside the box’ are a great asset in developing companies and projects. His marketing expertise is second to none.

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