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An International Commerce Platform Amer-Asia Commerce Group, Inc. is an international commerce platform that connects businesses across the world. It is mainly engaged in research and development of high-tech treatments on equipment and supplements with patents – naturopathy for natural rehab centers and clinics; medical doctors specializing in natural healing supplemented by therapeutic equipment, stem cell treatment, and more…

Under the leadership of George Shen, Annie Jones, and Cecilia Cheung, leading the target market of holistic, naturopathic – Through our breakthrough and advanced natural healing, our 100 trillion cells can increase our blood circulation and microcirculation, enhance immunity, rejuvenate and regenerate body cells, increase self-detoxification process, vitalize metabolism leading self-healing ability without medications, surgery, painful medical treatments, and procedures.

Such medical breakthrough effectively helps post-stroke victims, autistic children, cerebellar atrophy, vegetative state victims, cardiovascular problems, chronic disease, chronic pain, and more…

Our own Research and Development Team consists of medical doctors, Richway BioMat far-infrared therapeutic mats, high-tech medical equipment with U.S. FDA and patents, inventors, engineers and experts in different expertise. The medical and health provide treatments for cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, autism, depression, pain, degenerative diseases, stem cell treatment.

We also target market the manufacturer processing plants and industrial high-tech equipment. It utilizes its International Commerce Platform to enable businesses to have better product pricing and the maximization of revenue. We have many medical facilities in the U.S. and around the world, there are many experienced and seasoned professionals in industries as varied as Travel, Senior Care/Housing Service Centers, Affordable Housing, Clear Water Technologies, Finance, and Petroleum Technology sectors. All of them have 25-30 years of experiences in medical practices. Our corporate officers and staff have 20-30 years of experiences operating businesses in the U.S. We have investments in real estates, scientific and high-tech equipment, petroleum refineries, gigantic food manufacturing plants, and breakthrough medical technology in supplements and therapies. Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive solution for the communities we serve and fulfill the needs of all our Customers.

Our own Research and Development Team consists of medical doctors, high-tech medical equipment, inventors, engineers and experts in different expertise. The medical and health provide treatments for cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, autism, depression, pain, degenerative diseases, stem cell treatment.

Our high tech medical equipment provide bio electro-magnetic frequency regulating human’s energy in micro-circulation and disease prevention with scientific proof, such PEMF is approved and used by US NASA’s astronauts, it is worldwide certified by medical practice and hospitals. It was invented by the German medical doctor, Dr. Rainer Klopp.

Our medical scientist invented Quantum Chip patented in the U.S., China, and Taiwan, certified by medical organizations worldwide. Quantum wafers are the only health products in the world that use high-tech microelectronics. Using the sky waves (radio frequency signals) around the Earth, the integrated circuit is activated, radio frequency is generated, then transmitted to the human body through the antenna, and effectively resonates with the natural bioelectricity generated by the human body. Through the procedure of resonance, as long as the quantum chip is placed close to the human body, body temperature can be raised, blood vessels can be softened, blood flow rate can be increased, blood supply to the heart can be sufficient, and brain can have enough blood and oxygen to achieve the effect of healthcare and health preservation.

More recent breakthroughs have solved the problem of human drinking water for thousands of years and agricultural irrigation system. The moisture in the blood accounts for 83%. It is important to understand that Dr. Tseng has developed a card of quantum water that can be carried around. The liquid near the container can be converted into alkaline micromolecular water and detected by using oxygen 17 NMR. At 49.63 Hz, it is known that the world's smallest liquid molecular structure can disperse aggregated red blood cells, etc., and toxins are decomposed into fine particles and excreted. In addition, more than twenty additional products have been developed, including quantum glasses, quantum cups, quantum insole, Quantum underwear series (including bras, underwear, and shorts), belts, and women's accessories, which are both stylish and healthy.

A medical breakthrough in treating humans with autism, depression, anxiety, neuro-deficiency, and more… A high-tech, advanced, treatment protocol using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), periodic acceleration therapy (PAT), oxygenated hyperbaric chamber, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - Dr. Inumder is a licensed physician and a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. She is the Medical Director at A & M Center and TMS Center with over 20 years of extensive expertise in the diagnosis and management of emotional and psychiatric disorders, and autism. Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations include lab testing, genetic testing using GenoMind, Millennium and YouScript DNA testing for drug sensitivities, and MDDScore – the first diagnostic blood test for depression, NeuroModulation, Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), women’s health problems, and chronic disorders such as headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, OCD, and tinnitus. A dietician/nutritionist and personal trainer are utilized for treatment beyond the traditional medications-only approach. Patients are seen in-office and through video conferencing to connect with patients in the U.S. and other countries in the world.

Another medical breakthrough of stemgevity stem cell therapy invented by Dr. David Steenblock with 40+ years of experience in the U.S. Dr. Steenblock found that many chronic and degenerative diseases are slowed, halted and even reversed when nature’s own repair & restoration mechanism, namely adult (nonembryonic) stem cells, is augmented. This makes sense really as disease prods the sufferer’s body to attempt to repair the damage by activating stem cells residing in the affected tissues. This process also results in the mobilization of stem cells from the bone marrow and their attraction to diseased areas. Unfortunately, these stem cells are not always up to the job of repair and regeneration especially when it comes to aging, sedentary or chronically ill people, mainly because their marrow tends to harbor large numbers of senescent (inactive) stem cells. This is where Dr. Steenblock’s penchant to innovate resulted in an elegant solution: In-a-word, he found that by giving these patients injections of the FDA approved stem cell mobilizing drug Neupogen® for five (5) consecutive days, their marrow purged out the senescent stem cells and then created up to ten times as many healthier, more activate stem cells, the body will heal by itself without any medications. Treatments include stem cell, intravenous therapies, hyperbaric oxygen, cerebral palsy, stroke and traumatic brain injury, anti-aging treatment with 3 days of treatment, and Erectile dysfunction (ED).

Geriatric, Holistic and Integrative Medicine: Dr. Aboo Naser's ultimate passion in Holistic and Integrative Medicine has been the driver behind the Anti-aging Regenerative Clinics. He is an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Functional Regenerative Medicine and special Fellowship focus on Stem cells. He has nurtured great interest in Brain Health and memory and setting up protocols to optimize Brain Health. He has mastered the diet and lifestyle practices above pharmacotherapy. He is a prolific speaker and has delivered lectures in Integrative Holistic Medicine in National and International Health forums. He was the Inauguration speaker at an International Conference in Casablanca, Morocco. Dr. Naser was co-founder and Past President of Greater San Diego Bangladesh Association and Past Scientific Social Secretary of BMANA and past President of Bangladesh Medical Association BMANA CA Chapter. Dr. Naser has served on Hospital Boards, ACO, and also served as Medical Director at multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Hospice Palliative Care Services. He oversees Senior Medical Associates, a group of 35+ Health Care Providers covering the entire San Diego County offering a multitude of services in Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Psychiatry and Regular Psychiatry and Wound-care Services.

Holistic natural healing: Dr. Naina Sachdev has launched the NAINAMD™ Beverly Hills brand and she currently has a practice that focuses on Aesthetic, Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. As an Anti-Aging expert, she serves as Medical Director at NAINAMD™ Anti-Aging & Regenerative Clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Her international clientele base includes patients from Bangkok, Dubai, Mumbai to Beverly Hills. Dr. Naina Sachdev of NAINAMD™ is Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine and fellowship in Functional, Aesthetic and Stem Cell Medicine by the A4M Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. NAINAMD™ is a renowned national and international speaker on various topics of her integrative specialty, particularly in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics, and detoxification. For the past 15 yrs, NAINAMD™ has focused on blending conventional medicine, nutrigenomics, biochemical and aesthetic disciplines to create customized regimens for her patients. These unique programs can deliver better health, an improved appearance from the inside out leading to an enhanced lifestyle, often dramatically transforming patients’ lives.

Scientific curing technology for preservation & injury: Dr. Harish Hosalkar has international medical licenses offering a level of expertise in the areas of open hip joint preservation and arthritis prevention surgery previously unavailable in this entire region. An accomplished surgeon, Dr. Hosalkar is also trained in traumatology and complex fracture care, hip and pelvis reconstruction, limb-lengthening and deformity correction, children’s orthopedic problems, tumor surgery, and neuromuscular orthopedic surgery, including management of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spasticity. With almost 23 years of experience, Dr. Hosalkar has frequently been lecturing and teaching medical students, residents, and practicing physicians in both the art and science of orthopedics and musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation. He has participated in administrative and leadership positions in health care at the regional, national, and international levels. Dr. Hosalkar is affiliated with multiple hospital systems in San Diego, including Scripps, Sharp, Paradise Valley Hospital, and Tri-City Medical Center. Dr. Hosalkar is assisting fellow humans with their musculoskeletal ailments and helping patients release chronic pain in decades within days by stem cell treatment.

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